A Workshop on Shorebird and Coastal Conservation Along the Pacific Flyway


Design | Fellowship | Science | Coastal Planning

Opinions | Ideas | Goals | Aspirations

Friday, June 2 2017, 8am - 6pm
with an optional field trip on June 3

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama City, Panama

Advanced Conservation Strategies, Cornell University, and the David & Lucile Packard Foundation are hosting workshop. The one-day workshop has two goals. In the morning, we will be seeking structured feedback from you on a fellowship we are designing, whose mission is to build, train, and support a collaborative network of Latin American scientists and planners focused on developing evidence-based approaches to improve the protection of shorebirds and their habitats along the Pacific Flyway. A core goal is to promote new, holistic approaches and collaborations to coastal conservation across the natural science and coastal planning sectors. We want your input on how the fellowship program could benefit you and your work, and best compliment current and future investments of shorebird conservation programs. The afternoon will be dedicated to collectively exploring strategies and solutions focused on improving shorebird and coastal conservation. 

Our goal is provide an active experience to participants using accelerated collaboration tools and technologies.  On the following day (June 3), Panama Audubon Society will be leading an optional field trip to visit the wetlands and shorebirds of Panama Bay. Travel support is available. Please fill out the travel form (see link above) by March 15 if you are interested in participating in the workshop.

See you in Panama! Need more information? acs@advancedconservation.org