Alfredo Sfeir is the founder and president of Shellcatch, which focuses on improving the lives of fishers by connecting them to a sustainable and productive chain of certified ocean products. Access to mobile technology and local markets can give fishermen a strategic commercial advantage, and improve their income while protecting their coasts. At the core of Shellcatch is an advanced traceability system that integrates cutting edge wireless technologies to trace fish from the boat through the landing and the production process. Shellcatch provides a service to consumers, restaurants, intermediaries, and governments for full source verification traceability. Shellcatch is currently servicing fishing cooperatives in Chile that represent over 1500 fishers that commercialize over 15 species, and has established relationships with a suite of Chilean and international distributors and exporters. It also has active projects in Mexico and Peru. Prior to Shellcatch, Alfredo started two successful social ventures in Chile and was the Managing Director of Endeavor-Chile, Inc., a leading global high-impact entrepreneurship organization.