In collaboration with World Resources Institute and as part of their Southern Forests for the Future Incentive Series, ACS publishes an issue brief on Insights from the Field: Forests for Species and Habitat. Todd Gartner and Josh Donlan report on their progress on developing candidate conservation species incentive programs and a pilot program with the imperiled gopher tortoise in the southern United States.

Interest in candidate conservation incentive programs is rapidly growing in the private, public, and nongovernmental organization sectors as changes in land use across the country spark new challenges in balancing ecosystem management with residential and commercial development, national security, energy infrastructure, and climate change. This issue brief reports on the mechanics of and lessons learned from an initial pilot candidate conservation incentive program focused on the gopher tortoise. Its aim is to inform the successful design and implementation of other candidate programs emerging throughout the southern forests and greater United States.

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Download a copy of the brief here.