Gloria & Josh’s Big-Ass Party



Gloria & Josh’s Big-Ass Party

Gloria & Josh´s Big-Ass Party


STUFF TO DO AROUND SANCTI PETRI (14 May). Below is some information (disclaimer - much of which I have no personal experience with), that might be useful for you days in Sancti Petri

Bikes. Sancti Petri is a very bike-friendly spot (dedicated lanes, flat, etc). There are multiple places to rent bikes. Below are two options.

  • RentPoint looks like it may the place if you just want a cruiser for a couple days. For 45 euros, you can get a city bike with a basket for four days (or 15 euros for one day). They have two locations, both in Novo Santi Petri. They also rent scooters. info@rentpointcadiz.com

  • Starbikes is also located in Nova Sancti Petri at Hotel Iberostar. It looks like they rent higher-end bikes, including electric ones. They also offer tours. Oddly, there website is in German, but it has an auto-translater.

Doñana National Park is to the north of Sancti Petri, on the border of the the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva (about an hour). Here is a link to one tour company that offers both boat and overland tours.

Wine Tours. You will be in the middle of Spain’s sherry and brandy scene. Think Pedro Jimenez. So, there are lots of bodegas to visit if you fancy (they have tours in English). Here are a few links (but they are about an hour away):

Horses. You will also be in among the famous Andalusian horse scene. If you are looking to go horseback riding on the beach (or in general), here is the contact of at least one company that offers tours in Santi Petri: Royal Center Hípica, info@royalhipica.com.

The Total Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Foundation is in Jerez de la Frontera. It looks like the real deal. There are various shows, exhibitions, museums, etc.

Flamenco. And then there is flamenco. Here is a site that collates flamenco shows across Spain.

TRAIN SCHEDULE IS OUT (13 May). The train schedule is out. And, good news. It turns out you do not need to change trains after all (if you are coming from Madrid).

DRESS CODE (7 May). Some of you have been asking about what to wear. What not to wear: a tuxedo or a super uncomfortable dress with even more uncomfortable pumps. We are calling the dress code la playa chic. Ties are optional (or even discouraged). Look sharp boys; dress sandals are allowed but make sure they are top notch. Ladies, I would suggest going for that mama is looking hot summer or party dress - or equivalent. Spanish ladies like to dress it up - so go as big as you wish (and go even for those nice pumps if you are feeling it). In addition to your bathing suits, you will need digs for two events: a perol (cook-out) on Friday afternoon - which will be both outside and inside, and the main event Saturday evening, which will also be outside-inside. It tends to be in the 80s during the day and low 70s (high 60s) at night, so don’t forget a throw for the sunset and evening slow dance (see here). Below are some photos of what Gloria and I will probably be wearing. Happy dressing.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS (2 May). Food is important folks. Please fill out the form below if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, or passions. If you don’t, don’t complain to me later. You can fill out the form more than once for your significant others. No practical jokes please.

TRAINS (26 April). If you are planning on travel by train to Sancti Petri, below is some important information:

For folks planning on training from Madrid, the following is likely the best route:

From the main Madrid train station (Atocha), you can take the fast train to Sevilla (Sevilla-Santa Justa). This will take around 2.5 hours on the faster trains (called AVE). In Sevilla, you can easily change to a regional train to San Fernando-Bahia Sur. This leg will take about 1.5 hours. From the San Fernando-Bahia Sur train station, you have a few options It is 30 minutes by car/taxi. There is a train/tram (called FFCC B. Sur, M-120). It is 11 stops (about 1 hour) to Station Rio Iro (in Chiclana de la Frontera). From there you are 20 minutes from Poblado de Sancti Petri. There are buses or taxis.

Google Maps works pretty well for exploring route options. However, we suggest booking your train tickets in advance because they can fill up in the summer. You can book online (and get electronic or paper tickets) at Renfe.com (there is an English site). You can buy a single ticket that has the change of trains in Sevilla. Renfe is showing there are trains departing Atocha and arriving to San Fernando-Bahia Sur at 8:30-12:15; 11:00-4:15; 11:05-3:00; 1:30-5:27; 2:00-18:12; 3:00-19:15; 4:00-20:00

But, as of today - the website is not showing tickets past early June. So, give it a week or so - and hopefully tickets will become available for the week of the wedding soon.

If you are traveling from Malaga, your best bet train-wise is to take a faster train (called AVANT) to Sevilla. That takes about 2 hours. The slower trains take 3+ hours, so make sure you are paying attention when you are booking. It looks like there are about 4 faster trains per day. Then from Sevilla, you would book the same train as above (Sevilla-Santa Justa to San Fernando-Bahia Sur). But, I could not book the whole trip on Renfe.com. So you might have to book two separate tickets.

ARRIVAL (24 March). The countdown has begun. It’s going to be a beach party: the RSVPs are up to 50 adults and 28 niños. Thanks to everyone that is coming (and RSVP’ed)! If you have not RSVP, please do so below. Also, we are starting to make plans for events in Sancti Petri. So two requests:

  1. Please let us know what days you are arriving and leaving Sancti Petri by selecting the dates below. We are hoping to arrange some sort of event Thursday night for those that will be at the beach.

  2. We are having a DJ at the wedding. In order to avoid endless hours of Julio and Enrique Iglesias (and reggaeton), please let us know your favorite song (wedding/party style) below.

Don’t forget to hit the submit button!

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After 7 or 8 years together (Josh says 8, Gloria says 7), we are having a party to celebrate our amazing lives together with friends and families. We got hitched in Utah last February with just two witnesses, so we are doing it all over again - but this time in southern Spain with family and friends. Hopefully that includes you. If you are going to make the fiesta, this is - by far - the best place on the Internet to get information to plan the trip. And, see some fun photos. We plan to update it daily (right…), so be sure to make it your homepage for the next several months.

When: Main event will be on Saturday 22 June, with plenty of daily festivities starting earlier in the week

Where: Poblado Santi Petri, Cádiz, Spain

Who: Gloria and Josh’s family and friends



Where is the party?


Where is the party?

Where’s the party?


Poblado Sancti Petri, a small beach town on the coast of the Cádiz Province in southern Spain. On the Atlantic coast, Sancti Petri is just south of the provincial capital Cádiz and a few hours north of the Straight of Gibraltar. It is also not far from the Portugal and Spanish border, as well as Doñana National Park. This stretch of coast is also famous for the ancient tradition of harvesting Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - known as almadraba.

While the Sancti Petri does not have a train station, there is one nearby in San Fernando-Bahía Sur, which is a 25 minute taxi ride away. There is also bus route that goes through Chiclana de la Frontera. While in Sancti Petri, almost everything is walking or biking distance. There are bike lanes everywhere and bike rentals are common.

how the hell do i get there?

Depending on your plans and preferences, there are a few ways to get to Sancti Petri. Four main options for airports to fly in:

where is it.jpeg
  • Madrid. (MAD) This option is likely to have the most direct flights and options, as it is Spain’s largest airport. From Madrid, it is <2 hour train ride (on the fast train, which is called the AVE) to southern Spain - Andalucía. The main cities of Andalusia are Córdoba and Sevilla - both reachable on the AVE direct from Madrid. From the Madrid airport, you can take the metro or a cab to the main train station (Puerto Atocha). You can buy train tickets online at www.renfe.com. The train ride from Madrid (Puerto Atocha) straight to San Fernando-Bahia Sur (the closes stop to Sancti Petri) is ~4 hours. If you are thinking of renting a car in Madrid, it is 6 hour drive to Poblado Sancti Petri.

  • Malaga. (AGP) This is popular beach destination on the Mediterranean. The airport serves many destination throughout Europe (e.g., Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London) and during the summer there is a direct Delta flight from JFK. It is a short train ride from Malaga to Sevilla or Córdoba (<2 hours to Sevilla on the slower “medium-distance” trains (called Media Distancia) or 1 hour to Córdoba on the AVE). If you are planning on renting a car, it is 2-3 hour drive from Malaga to Poblado Sancti Petri - along the entire coast of southern Spain!.

  • Seville. (SVQ) This is the capital of Andalucía, with lots of history, cool building, and plenty to do. The airport serves many destination throughout Europe (e.g,. Paris, Madrid, London). Sancti Petri is 1.5 hour drive and 2 hour train ride from Sevilla. It is also a 1 hour train ride to Córdoba.

  • Jerez. (XYR) This is definitely the closest airport, but also the smallest. Jerez de la Frontera is only about 45 minutes from Sancti Petri. There are a surprising number of European connections, including London, Barcelona, Madrid, Switzerland, and several airports in Germany. You can take a train directly from the airport to San Fernando-Bahia Sur (30 minutes), which is the closest station to Santi Petri. There are also car rentals at the airport.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on flight options. Jerez and Sevilla are the closest to Santi Petri, followed by Malaga and then Madrid.


Josh & Gloria's Big Ass Party

Josh & Gloria's Big Ass Party

Historians believe this if the first photo taken of Josh and Gloria together, which was in June 2010 in Edmonton, Canada. While they met a few months prior, there are no known photos of the night they met in Paris in February 2010. This is also the only known photo of Gloria and Josh with Gloria wearing glasses. Months later, she threw them overboard with laser corrective surgery. This is not the only known photograph of Josh with bad hair. The (obviously) French gal on the right will be at the party hopefully.

Historians believe this if the first photo taken of Josh and Gloria together, which was in June 2010 in Edmonton, Canada. While they met a few months prior, there are no known photos of the night they met in Paris in February 2010. This is also the only known photo of Gloria and Josh with Gloria wearing glasses. Months later, she threw them overboard with laser corrective surgery. This is not the only known photograph of Josh with bad hair. The (obviously) French gal on the right will be at the party hopefully.

Where the hell should I stay?

There should be something for everyone in terms of lodging in Sancti Petri. We recommend staying as close to Playa Barrosa as possible, which means you will be able to walk (and bike ride) everywhere. There is another area just south called Novo Sancti Petri, which is dominated by large developments and golf courses. This area is a bit more isolated and we suggest not staying here. In addition to AirBB, VRBO and Rentalia are worth checking out for houses. All have some good options. Below are some lodging options that we have also scoped out,

  • Aparthotel Novo Sancti Petri. This spot is a block from the beach and walking distance to everything. It has a variety of studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, as well even some larger apartments. There is also a pool and restaurant.

  • Al Sur Apartamentos Turísticos. There is a similar set-up as Aparthotel, but is a slightly bigger complex. It is also in a super central location (one block from the beach) and has a variety of lodging options (e.g. room, apartments)..

  • Hotel Azeala Playa. This is a small, boutique Spanish hotel that is one block from the beach and one of our favorite beach bars/restaurants called Mojama (alone the beach of Sancti Petri are these cool open-air bars called chiringuitos. There is a very nice B&B, with only a few rooms.

TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Rentalia should be helpful as well. Search for Chiclana de la Frontera (the larger town right next to Sancti Petri) or Playa Barrosa or Sancti de Petri. And, of course, email me if you have any questions about lodging.

How long should I come for?

For as long as you can! Our main goal is to pack as much time in with family as friends as possible. Chances are this (this including two fun and funny families that speak different languages hanging out together) won’t happen again, so we have lots of ganas to aprovecharlo. The main event will be on Saturday 22 June starting sometime during the day. Exact location to be disclosed at the appropriate time. But, we are planning on spending the whole week prior at the beach. So come early and stay late - if you are keen. And, we would always love to show you around Córdoba if you travels bring you through before or after the wedding. During the week before 22 June, we will be organizing some fun-filled events for folks. So stay tuned.


By far the easiest way to communicate with us (and everyone else) while you are in Spain (and abroad) is with What’sApp. Josh’s number on What’sApp is ‭+34 661 523 003‬ and Gloria’s number is ‭+34 663 233 523‬,

In the meantime, we will be posting updates at #bigassboda and you can post questions and announcements there as well.