Damien @ San Francisco, USA

Damien is a Design Strategist and CEO of Central – a San Francisco Bay Area consulting firm he founded. Central collaborates with organizations to create systemic impact through design, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Damien works with foundations, NGOs, and for-profit companies to identify future challenges, and use the design process to understand conditions of change and design solutions. Prior to Central, Damien was with the global design consultancy IDEO as a strategist, leading projects in Europe, South Korea and Japan. Prior to IDEO, Damien held leadership positions at Frog Design and Studio Archetype. Damien’s work at Central has focused on large-scale systemic change, and over the past eight years he has worked with the David & Lucile Packard Foundation on a number of internal projects, as well as a grantee for the Future of Fish project that Central designed and led in partnership with Ashoka Changemakers. Other projects include working with Silverado Winery to understand their customers in order to design better experiences for them, and partnering with Urban Re:Vision to help them transform themselves in order to achieve their goal. Damien teaches at the Stanford Graduate School for Design, and frequently writes, speaks, and lectures about the value of the design process and innovation.